Metamorphosis of a Lily







Open the album, see the bride
her dreamy smile, her fairy tale;
draw in the silent man’s aside –
the bruised-black night, the nest of lies –

the silent days, the slaps and bruises.
Blank in the sparkle lost from eyes,
the rounded shoulders, worn-out shoes,
the formlessness of hopeless jerseys ...

Rearrange the sombre tones,
create a space for seed to grow –
that miracle of skin and bone –
use oils to smooth the roughened canvas,

sketch in a house, a carry-cot,
Mummy, Daddy and the dog.
Cinderella with ‘panto's glit
and wallpaper that sings love-song.

Superimpose a thunderous sky,
bruise in the unexpected blow,
watch lightning zigzag war-zoned why?
The crash that severs skin from bone.

The dam that bursts as waters flow,
the half-formed child that swims away.
Blood in the child-mum’s innocence
with epithets of slut and whore.